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Love Without a Story, 

Bloodaxe Books, 2020 

Love Without a Story, Context, Amazon Westland, 2019 

Here are poems that celebrate an expanding kinship: of passion and friendship, mythic quest and modern-day longing, in a world animated by dialogue and dissent, delirium and silence. Circling themes of intimacy and time, they return  to the urgency of conversation: that fragile bridge across the frozen attitudes that divide our world.

But at the heart of the collection is a deeper preoccupation, with those blurry places where humans might walk with gods, where the body might touch the beyond, where the enchanted might intersect effortlessly with the everyday. Where one stumbles upon what the poet simply calls ‘love without a story’.

Reviews of Love Without a Story

I’m more interested in what remains when the story is done’ —Urvashi Bahuguna, Open

Amidst Catabolised Goddesses —E V Ramakrishnan, Outlook

Some poets use language to reveal. Others use language to conceal. Arundhathi Subramaniam seems to do more of the latter --Anna Sujatha Mathai, Outlook

A tall and elegant collection from a rigorous craftswoman—Manohar Shetty, The Hindu

When the Love Stories End— Shikha Kumar, India Today

Love, doubt and other filters—Paromita Chakrabarti, The Indian Express

Vulnerable poetry that creates love for the lyric Vaishali Vijaykumar, The New Indian Express

The Instinct of Remembering--Sarabjeet Garcha, The Wire

Forthcoming  Love Without a Story, Bloodaxe Books, Northumberland, November 2020

Reviews of  
Eating God,  (editor), A book of Bhakti poetry, Penguin  Ananda, 2014, 
ISBN: 9780670087594 


 Reviews of  When God is a Traveller, HarperCollins India, New Delhi, 2014   







Context, Amazon Westland, 2019

ISBN-13 : 978-9388689458

When God is a Traveller,

Bloodaxe Books,Hexham, 2014, 

ISBN: 978-178037116

(shortlisted for the 2014 

T.S. Eliot Prize)


 When God is a Traveller, HarperCollins India, 2014, ISBN: 9789351363019

      On Cleaning Bookshelves

Allied Publishers, Mumbai, 2001, 

ISBN: 81-7764-176-X.

  Where I Live: New and Selected Poems, Bloodaxe Publishers,Hexham, 2009, ISBN:1852248246


Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga

(co-author with Sadhguru)

Harper Element, 2017



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Sadhguru: More Than A Life

Biography, Penguin Ananda, 2010 (third reprint) - Watch video

ISBN: 978-0670085125

Sadhguru: More Than A Life

Penguin Ananda,

paperback edition: 2013

ISBN: 97801434211122


The Book of Buddha

Penguin, 2005 (reprinted several times), 

ISBN: 9780670058358 



 As Editor

Eating God

A book of Bhakti poetry, Penguin  Ananda, 2014, 

ISBN: 9780670087594





 Another Country 

(An Anthology of Post-Independence Indian Poetry in English), Sahitya Akademi, 2013 ISBN: 812604067X

Pilgrim’s India 

(An Anthology of Essays and Poems on Sacred Journeys), Penguin, 2011, 

ISBN: 9780143414148

Confronting Love

(An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Love Poems) (Co-edited with Jerry Pinto), Penguin, 2005. ISBN: 0-14-303264-X

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